An Expanded Theory of Wanderlust

  1. Learn Spanish and Italian in their homelands. Spanish greatly expands the amount of space I can travel in the world. Italian is just gorgeous to speak and hear.
  2. Make all of my projects / products “printable.” If it’s a 3D product, make it produceable by a 3D printing shop. If it’s an app, make it downloadable. If it’s a tshirt, anybody should be able to find it.
  3. Grab my next place abroad via Craigslist. Whether it’s in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, such planning will pay off. (Maybe I’ll commit to 1 month in Spain, 1 month in Italy, etc.)
  4. Bring my technology if I’m going to stay put for a month of so. Otherwise it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth.
  5. Set up Google Voice to make my international calling simple.
  6. Find a way to include friends and family. It’s just more fun to have others along for the ride!
Party hearty! (See 6.)
  8. Pack slightly differently. A smaller camera would be nice. For basic surfing the iPhone suffices.
  9. Get a better cellphone provider. (See 4.)
  10. Expect plans to change wildly as great things happen.