Hi. If you love building new products, experiences and businesses as much as I do, then we're going to get along famously.

As a designer, I’ve developed concepts for a range of companies including Steelcase Inc, the Museum of Science & Industry, Mayo Clinic, Mattel, and Motorola. While with Steelcase Inc’s Growth Initiatives, I worked with teams to research opportunities, design and pitch business models, and develop three businesses for Steelcase Inc – WorkspringMyTurnstone, and a coworking space called 654 Croswell.

After working within the walls of larger brands like Mayo Clinic and Steelcase, I decided to build an agile product development company called Lollygig. Founded in 2010, Lollygig hit its first commercial success by developing an app called BoomMaster just weeks after the launch of Apple’s original iPad. Within the first thirty seconds of holding the tablet, we started carrying it around on our shoulders saying “wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a boom box app for the iPad?” Two weeks later BoomMaster was born and quickly topped the What’s New section of Apple’s App Store (sold through Gorilla Group).

Since then the company has focused on designing and launching soft- and hard-good accessories for tablets, smart phones and computers. The company's first foray into physical products led to the introduction of NapoleonGlove, a soft case for the iPad enabling users to hold their tablets with one-hand, both vertically and horizontally. Lollygig followed up with its third product - Hopscotch Wall & Car Mount for iPhone - a simple place to keep your phone and keys which was successfully crowdfunded in 2014.

Today, I'm happy to say that I'm oftentimes immersed in projects, discussions and lectures with people just doing cool things.